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With the worst of Covid behind us, many of the gaming-related names have taken a hit in recent months. Sony is a good example.

Source: Bloomberg

Hence it was interesting to note that during Sony’s Investor Relations day in late May, the CEO of the Gaming and Network Division, Jim Ryan presented two charts which showed that: a) connected gaming consoles (PS4+5) is on track to rise steadily throughout this year, and b) that average weekly console gameplay in the U.S. was down only some 3% in 1Q21 despite the Covid situation getting better.

Perhaps it was all too easy to miss that one of the underlying drivers of the gaming industry has been the growth of the E-Sports industry, which in spite of Covid, continues on a solid growth trajectory.

Read more about the gaming e-sports industries as an investment opportunity, here.

ATEC also notes that even though Sony’s image sensor business is suffering through a slower mobile device environment this year (and Huawei’s fall), there is obviously still a huge untapped opportunity for applications such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for automotive, autonomous vehicles, smart factories, and smart surveillance.

Not only are the specifications of the image sensors used here larger and more complex, but they also required built-in chip intelligence. With a leading R&D and manufacturing position here, these markets are Sony’s for the taking.

So long as Y10,500 holds, ATEC thinks the next checkpoint for the stock should be close to Y14,000



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