This is a follow up to our previous article titled Are Titans Truly Invincible? dated 11th September.

In it, ATEC suggested that Apple had potentially finished its up-cycle and was on the cusp of a bigger and more severe three-wave decline.

Well, we got it wrong.

The 3-wave decline turned…

Ok, so we had very ‘bad news’ out of China yesterday, in the form of a weak 3Q21 GDP print of 4.9% year over year rise.

ATEC takes it as an encouraging sign that this did nothing to damage the tentatively bullish setup in the region.

In fact, the poster…

A few things are shaping up across markets which ATEC is keeping watch on.

Following our last note on Hong Kong titled Dim Sum Time? published on 7th October, the HSCEI index has slowly made its way to now being under its 50 Day MA as shown in green. …


Copper has definitely been a hard one to track recently with its recent moves being so complex. Against ATEC’s previous expectation, the metal just staged a rather convincing breakout of its recent corrective channel. …

This is an update to our previous article titled Thinking about DRAM, published on 10th September. DRAM, short for Dynamic random access memory, is a type of semiconductor memory that is typically used for data or program code needed by computer processors to function.

Since then, we have seen further…

This is a quick update to our last note on Singapore Airlines (SIA).

ATEC supposes there is no need to re-write details on the new Vaccine Travel Lanes announced last weekend.

From here, ATEC is watching if SIA can first take out its March highs of around S$5.73 or so before committing more capital.

If it so succeeds, then we can go ahead and project targets at around 138% Fibb (S$ 6.40 ish) and then 161.8% Fibb (S$6.80) next.

One day at a time. Good luck out there

Hong Kong is showing more signs of bottoming and ATEC is getting excited.

While we still lack formal confirmation for a turn in the HSCEI, we have seen our technical indicators flattening out suggesting selling exhaustion. …

With crude showing impressive momentum, ATEC provides a short update to our earlier piece titled Crude Awakening? published on 3rd September.

Our current scenario suggests to us, on a daily time-scale, to look for crude to possibly achieve north of US$90/bbl.

As it gets there, we should then be on the alert for signs of exhaustion and a subsequent period of correction, which should see a more sizeable retracement of its entire rally since March 2020.

We suspect when that happens, it could provide some relief for the current inflationary concerns. For now, we take it one day at a time.


The failure to break out to new highs for the Nikkei in September meant that ATEC’s original scenario was wrong. We are now of the view that the index is still in the midst of a corrective wave count. …

At the risk of stating the obvious, the markets that ATEC is watching remains clear as mud.

With the macro narrative now having shifted towards ‘China slowdown’ and ‘stagflation’, the level of skittishness amongst players is no joking matter.

The energy shortages now hitting China (amongst many others) now risks…

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